Baita Checco - Ciampedie 2.000 m

Catinaccio, the Kingdom of King Laurino

It is the point of departure for walks, iron steps and climbs. All round there are breath-taking panoramas.

The heart of Dolomites is in the group of Catinaccio

During the summer, Catinaccio proposes its visitors some walks which are ideal for everybody: there are routes for families with children, for example the nice guided path in order to discover the secrets of the wood from Ciampedie Refuge to Gardeccia Refuge, then the most demanding ones, for example from Gardeccia Refuge to Antermoia Refuge and the homonymous lake among different and great sceneries, which are famous in the world. The cutting edge of Catinaggio are Vajolet’s Towers: three stately towers of Dolomitic rocks, which are silhouetted against the sky and which can almost touch it like the fingers of the mountain.  For the lovers of the thrill, the iron steps and the rock faces do not miss (Catinaccio, Santner, Majaré and Roda di Vael) . There are also the classical paths, which link the refuges and which permit to explore the whole group of Catinaccio (for example Fronza Refuge).

Baita Checco Summer Gallery

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